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Come and Stay at the Sanctuary.

Meredith visited from New Mexico and volunteered 40 hours a week during June, July and part of August at Ironwood. Perhaps you would like to stay at the sanctuary and volunteer for a week or two or three or whatever time period you are interested in. Please give us a call or write to inquire about our accommodations and available times.


We always have plenty of work to do at Ironwood. Getting ready for summer, or winter, or adding shelters, or waterers to accommodate new arrivals. Cleaning up, feeding bread or produce, helping with regular feeding, watering, doing repairs, or socializing our pigs. Come out to Ironwood and get to know us and our pigs. We can use any skill so don't be shy.

Visit Ironwood

Please plan ahead for your visit, particularly if you are visiting from out of state and are only here for a few days.

We try to accommodate every one but are not always able to do so. Visits to the Ironwood Pig Sanctuary are by appointment only. We have one tour in the morning on the days we are open for visitors. These tours start at 10am in the winter and 9am in the summer. We are not available to accept visitors every day due to things like shortage of staff, monthly vet visit, trips to rescue animals, major projects or other reasons where we do not have the time or staff to show the visitors the sanctuary. A typical visit to the sanctuary takes about 2 hours, not including travel time. It is not practical to just come and look around. Our pigs are in large fields scattered over 15 acres. Your enjoyment will be much better if you are able to have a safe visit and pet some pigs.

Names of Veterinarians Who Take Care of Pigs Needed

We often receive calls from people who are either new pig owners or new to an area asking us for the name of a veterinarian that will treat pot bellied pigs. If you have a pig or know someone who does, you could help us compile this list of vets. Please send us the name of your or your friend's vet and the area in which they practice. Please tell us if the vet is willing to make house calls. Many owners are not able to take their pigs to the clinic for treatment. It will help us to provide advice to the community of pig owners.

Staff at Ironwood
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