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Pot Bellied Pig Rescues

Ironwood accepts calls to rescue pot bellied pigs found wanding in neighborhoods or in the desert, those left in community shelters and any who are abused or abandoned by their owners. We also receive pigs from owners who are no longer able to care for them.

Networking Update

As part of our networking, we got involved in a rescue of 13 pigs in Kingman, Arizona. We found another organization that was willing to take the pigs except that they had no infrastructure for pigs. Ironwood made a long trip, hauling hog panels, T-poles,and tools in order to build two 1600 square foot pens, one for the seven males who would be neutered before arrival, and the other for the six females. Ironwood also participated in the relocation of the pigs from their temporary home to their permanent home a couple of weeks later. We are happy to say that the males have been neutered and all the pigs are adjusting to their new long-term home.

Thanks to all those in Kingman, particularly Roy T., and to Bob F. from Tucson who made the overnight trip with Ben to help build the pens.


Dear Ironwood Angels,

Mom said I could take the money in my piggy bank to give to your pigs--from one pig to another. Although I don't travel much any more, just to my vet and when we go to the vacation cabin, mom and dad said they are going to come see you all some time next year and spend a couple days pooper scooping. Both mom and dad read your aritcle on pig aggression and thought it was helpful, although I don't believe I am aggressive—just determined. Well, give your piggies a belly rub for me and I'll keep them in my prayers.

Love, Rosie